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Do you make your own shirts?

I only do the art. I have professionals take care of the printing so they come out as sexy as possible.

What's the deal with the "Design By Hümans" thing in your shop?

Design By Hümans is an artist collective that helps give you guys more options in the way of getting my art on shirts and phone cases. If I don't have what you're looking for in my Shop, chances are my Design By Hümans shop will have it for you.

Can I return something?

Maybe. Send me an email and we can see what's up.

Do you drop off online order locally if I live in the Northwest Chicago suburbs?


Wait, so why am I paying for shipping?

Gas. And candy. Mostly candy.

Are the things in your shop American made?

Short answer: All products in my shop are printed in the USA.

Long Answer: Every product in my shop has been carefully selected. Unfortunately, It's difficult to get products that have all components harvested, manufactured, assembled, and printed 100% in the USA. Some things in my shop use imported materials before being printed here.

I use Bella+Canvas apparel for long sleeve shirts and girl's tank tops, and they use USA components that are assembled in foreign countries. In the past I've used Jerzees, Anvil, and Hanes... I've since completely stopped using those brands for new products as they came entirely from countries that take advantage of sweatshop labor.  Below are links to the two clothing brands where I currently get my apparel from.

American ApparelBella+Canvas

Why is your apparel more expensive than Walmart's? What, do you think I'm made of money!?


Do you have links to sizing charts for your clothes?

t-shirts / hoodies / girl's tanktops / long sleeves

Do you take commissions?

Yes, email me and we can get started.

Are the things in your Workshop for sale?

Some of them are, contact me if interested. Please only contact me about pricing if you're serious about purchasing.

Will you do custom art on my guitar/longboard/fleshlight?

Yes, if I'm not totally booked. Contact me if interested and we can work out the details.

Whoa, I didn't expect to pay that much for art. Why are you charging so much?

Because I want you to go broke.

I was offended by something your drew.

Just doing my job, no need to thank me :)

Do you have an email list?